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Auto TPCB Configurator

Welcome to the FixturFab AutoTPCB Builder

We'll ask some basic questions to help get you started on the creation of your TPCB. After receiving your response, someone at FixturFab will reach out with a Google Sheets template that can be used for defining the Pinout of your AutoTPCB.

AutoTPCB Connector Selection

When creating an AutoTPCB, the connectors that will be used to interface the signals from the test points of your DUT to the instrumentation used to automate testing need to be defined.
We have a gallery of commonly available connectors that you can choose from, and we can also add additional connectors upon request. Please note, additional connector requests will be reviewed and we'll respond with whether or not it we can add them to your design.

Feedthrough Plate and Connectors

We assume that all of the connectors you select for your AutoTPCB should also be located on the Feedthrough Plate of the test fixture, making it easy to add connect any external instrumentation that you need.
If any connectors on the AutoTPCB will only be used internally, please list the connector type and quantity in the field provided.

AutoTPCB Selection Review

After reviewing your submissions, we will get back to you with a templated spreadsheet for further defining the pinout of your AutoTPCB.
If there are any issues with the combination of Connectors and/or Feedthroughs that you have made we will also discuss potential solutions for your fixture.