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Test Fixture Configurator

Welcome to FixturFab's Test Fixture configurator! This is the first step to customizing a bed-of-nails test fixture for your circuit board.
Selecting different options will show how the price changes. At the end, you'll see a summary and can choose to opt into a follow-up email with a budgetary quote.

Device Under Test (DUT) Details

The configurator assumes your DUT follows FixturFab's Design For Test Guidelines.

Project Name

An alpha-numeric name that we can use as a reference for this project.

DUT Dimensions

Enter the X/Y dimensions of your DUT in millimeters.

Board Type

Number of Test Points

An estimated can be used. However, this may cause the final price to vary.

Test Point Layers

Are all the test points you want to probe on a single side of the DUT?
Dual-sided probing is only supported in production test fixtures and will add $2k-$4k to the price (not yet shown in this tool).

Other Features

Check the other mechanical features that you are interested in.
Selections won't change this configurator, but we'll follow up with questions if you opt into a follow-up email with a budgetary quote.
Other Features